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Basic selfie video instructions using a phone

  1. Setting up your camera.

If you haven’t got someone available to record you, use a selfie stick, a stack of books or one of the shelves on your bookcase to hold the camera. If none of these options are available just hold the phone with your hands and record.

  1. Orientation. Record horizontal (landscape) rather than vertical (portrait).
  2. Framing. Frame your shot so you are in the centre. Aim to get your whole head from chest up in the frame.
  3. Audio: Stay close to the camera and record in a quiet place
  4. Stop/Start: Use the Two Mississippi Rule. In order to give enough room for editing, count two Mississippi before you start/stop recording.

Want some more instruction on shooting a selfie video? Read this guide from Make Use Of:

 How to Take a Good Selfie Video: 10 Tips

Basic Video logging instructions

YouTube has a trove of resources on shooting video from your phone. If you’re looking for basics onframing shots, audio, apps and equipment that can help with shooting, check out the first 11 minutes of this video from Jeven Dovey, How to Vlog with a Phone – Beginners Guide

Video Editing

If you don’t already have video editing software on your computer (e.g.,  iMovie for Mac or Windows Video Editor for PC), you can find all sorts of free solutions online. Here’s a list of video editing software suggested by Creative Bloq along with their pros and cons.

Video Uploading

If you’re contributing video content and/or including video content as part of your content, it’s ideal to upload it to a platform like YouTube or Vimeo then send the link for TYRMC to post.

Here are instructions on uploading to YouTube. Don’t have a YouTube channel? Here’s how to create one so that you can post your video content for free.


Basic audio recording instructions using a phone

YouTube also has a trove of resources on recording audio from your phone, but a lot of these focus on buying specific products. Here are some tips on getting decent audio recordings using just your phone from Tech Overwatch.

Audio editing

If you don’t already have audio editing software on your computer, there are a number of free solutions online. Here is a list compiled by Filmora.

Audio uploading

Want a downloadable version of these resources? Download one here.

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