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NWMO Transportation Framework and Preliminary Plan

Discussed how they plan to locate a new Deep Geological Repository site either in Region 1 or Region 7. Right now they are drilling and testing the rocks and if there is water movement under these rocks the site will not work.

Downsview 1st District, Indigenous Community Sharing Mtg

Facilitated by Bob Goulais, Nbisiing Consulting with support from Yulia Pak of Third Party Public (formerly Swerhun Inc.). The Northcrest team, led by Derek Goring and Jinny Tran, presented the key components of the emerging Downsview 1st District Plan.

Toronto Island Park

The Toronto Island Master Plan will be a dynamic, long-term planning document that outlines a vision, objectives, and actions to guide change and investment.

Mount Dennis Development

Anna Iannucci did a recap for everyone. She didn’t mention the extent or number of developments last time so I asked and there are currently 9 developments with more coming.

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