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TYRMC Medicine Walk – June 13, 2022

For the last meeting of our Spring Sharing Circle for Métis well-being with Tera Beaulieu and Associates of the Weaving Wellness Centre, we went for a Medicine Walk in Magwood Park!

On June 13th, Ethan Dankert-Lannigan guided us through a trail in the park and shared their knowledge of the plants and animals that lived there. The path led us underneath Oak, Maple, and Cottonwood trees as we became a delicious meal for mosquitos! We learned about different mushrooms, like the Horsehoof mushroom and last year’s Turkey Tail mushrooms, we smelled the Elder Tree blooms (soon to be elderberries) and learned of the ancient relationship between wild ginger and sturgeon. A few other plant relatives we met include:    

We also visited the Thunderbird Mound (estimated to be 6,000 years old), which was a burial ground for many First Nations relatives. Soil erosion and pedestrian traffic are a problem here, even though it is off of the trail. If you visit Thunderbird Mound, please stay on the trail and do not climb or walk over the grounds.

Marsee to everyone who joined us on the sunny Monday, and to Ethan for sharing their knowledge with us!

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