Toronto and York Region Métis Community

PRIDE 2022

“Toronto Pride 2022 was an incredible experience. After 2 long pandemic years, I was truly looking forward to celebrating this event in person. The Métis Nation of Ontario was invited to carry our flag alongside the 2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations and other Indigenous Nations who helped open and lead the parade. I met up with Senator Suzanne Brunelle and President Margaret Froh and Councilor Kate Stewart-McNeal at the beginning of the parade to walk alongside them and help carry the flag. There were thousands of people out in the streets celebrating a wonderful day. It was such a moving and incredible experience and truly an honour to walk alongside other Indigenous Nations in celebrating Pride.” 

Lisa Shales, TYRMC Secretary

“When the sun was smiling, and even when the rain was dumping buckets of water down, the 2S Community Fair was a peaceful and beautiful respite from the chaos of the main Pride events.  Nestled in a tree-encompassed park beside Allan Gardens, the 2-Spirit community gathered to relax, talk, and take in the sights and sounds of the Main Stage (Music! Burlesque!).  Meanwhile, the 2-Spirits of the First Nations were creating beadwork, and colourful, queer Indigenous folks, as well as their allies and curious passerby’s, co-existed and felt at-home.”

Nicole Skura, TYRMC 2SLGBTQ+ Councilor

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