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News Template

The News section contains written highlights of news (and can include photos) that will be relevant to the TYRMC community exclusively. These include brief recaps of meetings, consultations, or election information, but could include important news about individual TYRMC citizens too.

The goal of the News section is to give other TYRMC citizens a sense of what’s happening in your community. Note that we have a separate website section featuring recaps/coverage of events and workshops – if you’d like to contribute a feature on an event or workshop, please grab an Event Highlight template.


There is no predetermined length for news story coverage. The level at which you want to address each of these questions depends on what you’re covering and how far you want to delve into it.

What you’ll need for your News piece


There are 6 main questions you want to address in your coverage:

Who – Who is involved? Who will benefit? Who will be impacted?

What  – What happened? What was surprising? What was important? What might be impacted?

When – When did it happen?

Where – Where did it happen?

Why – Why did it happen? Why will the audience care?

How – How did it happen? How are those involved affected?


You don’t need to include any imagery in a news piece. If you opt to include it:

Preparing to cover a news event

Ask Permission

If you’re taking pictures for your news story, make sure you have permission. If you’re covering news from an event, confirm with the organizer if there’s a photography policy and honour it. Some organizers may have conditions around what can be photographed and/or prefer that you use photos from a designated photographer. When you’re using someone else’s shots, ask if you need to include a credit line. Here is a sample of information in a credit line and how to use it in a posting.

Confirming information

Submitting a News Story

To submit your news story, pop the following into an email and send it to

Looking for a downloadable version of this template? Download one here.

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