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Event Highlights Template

The Event Highlights section of the site is a space to share past events through:

The goal of Event Highlights is to give community citizens an idea of what happened at the event.  


There is no predetermined format or length for event highlights coverage. The length and format you choose depend on what you’re covering and how far you want to delve into it. 

To choose a format and length, consider:

What makes the most sense for the context? 

What makes most sense for you? 

A couple of examples to consider:


Here are a bunch of TYRMC event summaries that nicely address the 5W questions (who, what, why, where, when) in one to two paragraphs. A light read, summaries like these are a great way to provide quick updates to your community.

News blog-style

This is a third-person written account of an event where students at Acadia University learned about native and invasive plants. It includes several quotes and images to communicate the 5W information. This was a pretty effective way of communicating more complex information like Latin names for plants.  

Here’s a tale of one event, presented three different ways:

List-style photo/written wrap-up

This is a first-person account of the largest natural food expo in the U.S. reporting on new “future foods they tasted at the expo.” While a 12-minute read may seem long, it’s fairly light, it’s broken up by images, very informative, and pretty easy to scan. 

Real-time quick video wrap-up

Here’s a video version recap highlighting one day of the expo. No editing skills needed for this video, the almost three-minute clip is captured in real-time. 

Long multi-clip video Here’s a 27-minute behind the scenes video recap from that very same food expo. This is also a first-person wrap-up. This recap takes place over several days and stitches together multiple video clips into one.

What you’ll need for your Event Highlights piece


Whether it’s a 5-minute written highlight of this year’s Louis Riel Day or a 2-hour video workshop, there are 5 main questions you want to address in your coverage:

Who – Who is involved? Who will benefit? Who will be impacted?

What  – What happened? What are the key takeaways?

When – When did it happen?

Where – Where did it happen?

Why – Why did it happen? Why will the audience want to watch it and/or read about it?



Your event highlight can be entirely video, or you can include a video as part of your written content.

Preparing to create an Event Highlight

Creating good coverage after an event is much easier when you have already collected the appropriate information – a little preparation goes a long way. 

Ask Permission

Whether you’re recording an event or taking pictures, make sure you have permission. Confirm with the organizer of the event if there’s a photography policy and honour it. Some organizers may have conditions around what can be photographed/recorded and some may forbid photos at their events entirely.

Similarly, if you’re photographing or video recording a specific person and/or their work presented at an event (e.g., a slide deck, images), make sure you ask for their permission to share it. Ditto if you are speaking to someone at the event and want to quote them – ask permission.

Confirming information

Submitting your Event Highlight

To submit your Event Highlight, pop the following into an email and send it to



Looking for a downloadable version of this template? Download it here.

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