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PCMNO Candidate for Region 8 Councilor: Helen Giacchetta

April 8, 2024

Hi, I am Helen Giacchetta (Dusome) I was born in Penetanguishene, where our ancestors settled, when they were displaced from Drummond Island. I have been involved with ODRMC since 2019, first as Treasurer and for the last 2 years as President.

I submitted my nomination for regional councilor because I want to continue to help Region 8 citizens with our next steps. Region 8 has not had a strong presence in the PCMNO since 2007. We need our voices heard. We need to show that Region 8 is here.

I know what our Region needs, more affordable housing, food support, Health Care, Culture. As we move though Self- Government and then Constitution, discussions will happen and each of you will be involved. That is my priority.

When I joined the ODRMC, it was almost at the point to closing. There were not many events happening. Citizens did not know the local council, and a very few were holding it together, in the last 4 years citizens with events and supports, it is thriving.

Prior to Covid, I started programs, and then continued to support our citizens during covid and continued to do so now. Some of the initiatives that I stared and continue are support our Citizens, in Food support, Heritage Celebrations, Family Days, community garden summer year end BBQs Louis Riel celebrations Day, Red Dress events in support of Murdered and Missing Women and children, and Orange Shirt days.

I will continue to bring Metis culture forward. This past February I coordinated the helped Trent University Elders Gathering and made sure Metis were represented, with our Michif Language, founding PCMNO president Tony Belcourt, and Metis vendors and authors.

We must continue pursuing the path to self-governance and constitution building with steady determination, aligned by the vision laid out in our Statement of Prime Purpose.

Right now, our most important priority on that front is securing the successful passage of Bill C-53, our Federal Recognition Legislation. As many of you know, Bill C-53 recently advanced to its third reading in the House of Commons, a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to advance our rights and self-government.

Passage Of Bill C-53, legislation that is Reconciliation in action, will mean that we the Metis will no longer be relegated to the status of Canada’s ‘forgotten people.’ Instead, we will, at last, be recognized as an equal order of government alongside self-governing First Nations and Inuit Peoples. Together, step-by-step, we will undertake the slow and meaningful work required to build a better future for Métis people across Ontario.

I need everyone to stand up and vote and be confident that the work will be done. Once elected I will work hard to do the work and I will with each Community Council In Region 8 to bring Metis voices forward.

Each and every citizen needs to be heard and I will continue to be there for all the Citizens.

Vote Helen Giacchetta April 6th.

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