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MNO Candidate for Youth Council Chair Person: Claire Accettola

April 8, 2024

Claire Accettola (She/Her) was born in Owen Sound and raised in rural Ontario. Claire is a descendent of the Dusome-Clermont family line, and is the 7th generation great granddaughter of Marguerite Dusome. She grew up in the Grand River Region, planting roots in Guelph in her adolescence. Claire is a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, obtaining a Honours Bachelor’s degree in Canadian History, with a focus in political science. While completing her studies, Claire was a part of the Infinite Reach Student Solidarity Network, and was a prominent member of the University of Guelph History Society. Claire is currently working in Arts and Culture at the City of Guelph, creating and delivering education programming centred in local history and identity at the Guelph Civic Museum. Claire holds an elected position on the Métis Nation of Ontario 2SLGBTQ+ Interim Council as the Region 9 representative. In this role, Claire helped to develop charter bylaws that will guide the anticipated Métis Nation of Ontario 2SLGBTQ+ Council. As the only youth on the interim council, she was guided by her identity and advocated for the appointment of a youth representative from the MNOYC. Claire has had the privilege of representing Ontario youth at a variety of events with topics such as language preservation, climate protection, and early education.

Claire’s background with the MNO in combination with her interest and understanding of policy and administration inspires her to run for the role of Chair for the MNOYC. With extensive knowledge of Canadian government and Métis self-government structures, Claire continues to engage with and grow alongside Métis government. As a non-voting member of the MNOYC, Claire acknowledges the importance of the Chair in maintaining the structure of the MNOYC through organisation, documentation, mediation, and capacity building. She believes in equitable leadership, and when engaging as a community leader, Claire recognizes the need to be a strong foundation for the representatives of the MNOYC. With a strong foundation, representatives are able to feel empowered to make decisions for their constituents.

Claire would be happy to know more about you, and answer any questions you may have for her! Please feel free to reach out to her via email at or through her social media (Claire Accettola on Facebook; Claire.Accettola on Instagram)

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